Excerpt: Wanted Man

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“Write down ‘no dating'," Rhian said.

“What are you talking about, no dating? I’m not writing that down. Besides, when was the last time you--” Min stopped. Her head snapped up. “The painter! You meet this guy and all of a sudden you’re making a resolution not to date? No way.” Min put the cap back on the pen and stuffed it under herself. “I won’t write it.”

“Hey! What happened to ‘my resolution, my interpretation’?”

Min shook her head. “That rule only applies to me. Did something happen this afternoon that I should know about?”

“No. Forget I said it.”

“You are a piece of work, Rhian MacGregor. Your powers of self-denial are truly awesome.”

“Is this supposed to be a pep talk?”

“Say you’ll take a shot if the guy asks you out.”

Rhian’s stomach flip flopped again. “Taking a shot isn’t what you do when there’s a kid involved.”

“No dating ever?”

“Maybe when Jem’s in college.” Rhian thought that was generous.

Min rolled her eyes. “Jem wouldn’t ask you to do this.”

“He doesn’t have to."

Min dug under herself and found the pen. “I know better than to argue with you when you’re this dug in. So skipping the dating question, let’s have your last goal, the one that’s not about work.”

Rhian knew what the last goal had to be. “Learn to play basketball.”

Min snorted and Rhian punched her shoulder. “Don’t laugh. I promised Jem.”

They were both giggling as Min finished the list and handed it to her to sign. She read her Resolutions:

  1. Write the book.
  2. No technical writing.
  3. Learn how to play basketball.

Rhian hesitated for the briefest moment and then she signed her name at the bottom of the page in firm letters. She was committed. This summer her life would change or it wouldn’t and she’d know for sure that she was never going to have anything different or better and she should give up her dreams.

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