Wanted Man

He has a secret...can she trust him?     (June 2007)

A mystery author. A single mom.

Nathan Delaney is on the lam and needs to stay hidden. Rhian MacGregor has had her fill of love and then some. When two people trying to stay out of love can't help falling into love, how will they ever make it work?

Liberal doses of homemade cupcakes, basketball lessons, rock and roll, and romance, of course! Throw in an evil talk show host, a Pepto Bismol pink house, two best friends, and one eight-year-old boy--Rhian and Nathan's lives will never be the same.

Excerpt: Wanted Man

“Write down ‘no dating'," Rhian said.

“What are you talking about, no dating? I’m not writing that down. Besides, when was the last time you--” Min stopped. Her head snapped up. “The painter! You meet this guy and all of a sudden you’re making a resolution not to date? No way.” Min put the cap back on the pen and stuffed it under herself. “I won’t write it.”

“Hey! What happened to ‘my resolution, my interpretation’?”

Min shook her head. “That rule only applies to me. Did something happen this afternoon that I should know about?”

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Top Ten Nine Facts

  1. I wanted to name my sons Nathan. My husband refused. Both times. Sigh. At least I got to name someone Nathan.

  2. Rhian is the beautiful name of one of my friends. After I sold the book I had to confess that I'd used her name--luckily she was gracious about having her name immortalized.

  3. Although many of my beloved relatives have the last name Reyen, I didn't name the character after any of them. I'm a bad speller but not that bad.

  4. My family plays HORSE with a great degree of ferocity. Loving ferocity, but still. That's what inspired the betting scene at Rhian's barbecue.

  5. Chet's is modeled on the pizza place/bar/home away from home you can find on every corner in Scranton. Right across from the church. Next door to the other bar. And the other church...You get the idea.

  6. I wrote a scene where Rhian and Min eat cheese fries and brownie a la mode and drink beer together. The scene got cut for space reasons, but trust me, they're girls who know how to enjoy themselves.

  7. I wrote most of Wanted Man in a black marble notebook while sitting on a bench in the corner of my son's preschool classroom. He had separation anxiety. I thought I'd be there for a couple days. What? At least I put the time to good use, right?

  8. Wanted Man won the Great Expectations contest (from the North Texas Romance Writers chapter). First prize was a lovely certificate, $25, and a chance to have a Harlequin editor read the beginning of the book. Thank you very much North Texas RWA!!

  9. I put this one last because it's humiliating. I stink at titles. When I first finished Wanted Man, it was called Painted Love. Yep. Like the song. Exactly. It was a joke. Sort of. Oh, dear. Maybe this list should just be 8 facts.