Plan B: Boyfriend

After the divorce, it's on to Plan B!     (December 2009)

Sarah Finley's husband left her to marry his boss. Her children have been tossed out of elementary school for a violation of the weapons code. Her friends and neighbors are avoiding her like the plague. Clearly, Sarah is in need of a Plan B.

Enter Charlie McNulty. Charlie is a buttoned down investment banker, focused on his road to a partnership. He's also a ton of fun on the dance floor and in the bed. Sarah thinks he just might be the perfect second chance man. If only he weren't working for her ex!

Excerpt: Plan B: Boyfriend

She was debating about the abstract print scarf. If she wore the scarf would it say “I’m taking this issue seriously” or “I’ve just come from shopping?” She’d never faced this situation before; wasn’t confident she was approaching it correctly. She seriously doubted, however, if even Emily Post knew the exact dress code for meeting with the school principal to discuss the possible expulsion of your first-grader.

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Excerpt #2: Plan B: Boyfriend

What the hell was up with the noise? It sounded as if someone was screaming out there. How was he supposed to work in this atmosphere?

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Top Ten Facts

  1. Plan B is the sequel to The Boyfriend's Back. Included with the eBook version of The Boyfriend's Back, was an exclusive story set when the characters were in high school. You can see young Charlie and Sarah flirting with each other in that story. The eBook is still on sale if you want to check it out.

  2. Charlie loves his Phillies, especially Jimmy Rollins. I'm not a Phillies fan (my team is the Pirates), but I knew Rollins's name because my niece named her hermit crab after him.

  3. My niece also had a hermit crab named after Shane Victorino, but his name is too hard to spell so I didn't put Shane (the crab or the Philly) in the book.

  4. Yes, we have bar like Wilton's in my hometown. No, I never ordered a Rob Roy there while wearing my cheerleading uniform. (I wasn't a cheerleader.) I did appropriate that story from a friend but since she's now a respectable lady and mom, I won't out her here. Blackmail possibilities are rampant in a writer's life.

  5. I stole the name "Wilton's" from The Wilton House, a bar in Hoboken. I never ordered a Rob Roy there, either.

  6. The Wilton House should not be confused with the Clam Broth House, also a bar in Hoboken. My husband once thought I'd like to live in an apartment directly above the Clam Broth House. No. Just. No. That story is off-topic though, so we'll leave it there for now.

  7. The scene in which Charlie and Sarah play poker was originally much shorter. My editor liked it and encouraged me to "have fun." Hope you have as much fun reading it as I did writing it.

  8. I submitted The Boyfriend's Back including the introduction of Sarah, suburban mom/former beauty queen, right around the time a certain other Sarah (also a mom/former beauty queen) entered the national political stage. By the time I knew how far that other Sarah was going to go, it was too late to change my character's name.

  9. This book was not originally scheduled to be a "holiday" Superromance, complete with a red bow on the cover. When my editor emailed me to say I needed to add something "holiday-ish" to the book, I had a panic moment--I'd written a water balloon fight, a baseball game, and a cookout with corn on the cob. How was I supposed to fit a holiday scene into that? Then I remembered the tie. Simon had a reindeer tie. I added Simon's tie to one more scene, wrote up a holiday epilogue, and ta da! My summer book now had a holiday scene.

  10. In the opening scene, where Sarah is worrying that she's not dressed properly for her meeting at school, I originally had her in a yellow cardigan. Several people in my critique group said that a yellow cardigan would not be a fancy, fashionable, yet business-like thing for a person to wear. Of course, I agreed 100%. I would never wear a yellow cardigan to a school meeting. Or to have my professional author photo taken. No sir. Not me. Oops.