Married by June

Always the wedding planner. Never the bride.   (June 2011)

Wedding planner Jorie Burke—aka “the wedding whisperer”—knows all about staging the perfect event. So when it comes to her own wedding, she has every detail worked out: the perfect venue, the perfect flowers, even the most incredible gift registry idea. Not to mention a perfect fiancé...the brilliant, gorgeous senator’s son, Cooper Murphy. It’s going to be the Washington wedding of the century.

All that’s missing is the perfect love. And halfway through their cake-tasting is a terrible time for Cooper to point that out to her! Can it get any more humiliating for a wedding planner than having her groom call it off? Well, yes, it can. Because it turns out her ex has yet another proposition....

Excerpt: Married by June

My mom looked A little better tonight, didn't she?" Jorie asked. It was a clear night but the D.C. streets were practically empty. Cooper had suggested that he walk her home after their hospital visit, and Jorie was glad he was with her. Her mom was dying.

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Top Ten Seven Facts

  1. Jorie had a step-sister, Mindy, in all of the early drafts of this book. My own sister has been peeved with me because so often in my books, I've killed off the heroines' sisters. I thought Mindy could be my apology to my sister. Finally, a sister was in one of my books and she was fun and sweet and lived happily ever after. Except my editor made me cut Mindy. My sister doesn't know this story. Do NOT tell her.

  2. The Civil War diorama in the book is fictional. It was inspired by a diorama of the Chicago Fire I saw during a trip to the Cape Cod Fire Museum in Brewster. I was so captivated by the creativity and work that went into the diaroma, I knew one day it would appear in a book. That museum is now closed which is a bummer. I liked thinking about that diorama.

  3. I made up a fictional illustrated edition of the poem "Paul Revere's Ride." I named it the Fulton edition. The poem still appears in Married by June, but it's no longer named. My editor thought someone might read about this fabulous Fulton edition in my book and then look for it to purchase and feel cheated when they couldn't find it. Can this possibly be true? I'm more than a little skeptical, but I took the name out anyway because I didn't want to cross my editor who is one of those scary Canadians I figured she might be right.

  4. This book was revised heavily between the proposal and the final printed version. It got a title, Married by June, early in the process. There was a time, along about drafts 26-32 that Jorie and Cooper didn't end up getting married. I was hoping the title might be seen as symbolic or ironic or something (not idiotic). Luckily, the plot straightened itself out and now the title is straightforward and true.

  5. "There was a lot of revision" is my answer to anyone who wants to know the whereabouts of the scene depicted on the cover. Sigh. They look really cute, though, don't they?

  6. I researched the qualifications for US Senate and the circumstances around special elections in Pennsylvania so I could get the details of those sections right. I also grew up two houses away from Vice-President Biden's home in Scranton so I probably understand politicians on an elemental level. (He moved away before my family moved in, but I believe his "aura" lingered.)

  7. Some people have commented on the realistic detail of the cake tasting scene. For once, I didn't make anything up! My cousin, Carla, re-enacted her entire cake tasting (complete with cake!) for me and my family. It was the best research I've ever done.

Deleted Scene: Married by June

The apartment was clean—she’d given it a thorough once over the day before—and it smelled fresh even though it had been standing empty for a few weeks, clean and airy, with just the faintest hint of…Chinese food? She took a step forward and noticed the champagne bucket on the floor in front of the couch and the glasses on the low table lying next to a keychain with a Cadillac logo. The apartment was freezing. Someone had stolen her parking space for their SUV, broken into the apartment, and turned the air conditioning on to deep freeze. “Are you sure your tenants moved out?” Cooper whispered. “Because I think they forgot their champagne.”

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