The Long Shot

There's more to win than just the season.   (May 2012)

Deacon Fallon has made something of himself. Yeah, it wasn’t easy becoming a successful—now retired— pro basketball player, but he did it. In the process, he made his brother’s life better. That’s always been Deacon’s goal.

This latest effort to help, however, may push Deacon too far. He’s been roped into coaching the high school girls’ team! Worse, there’s a little offside action brewing between him and his hot assistant coach, Julia Bradley. Definitely not in his plans, but he can’t resist her. And for the first time, Deacon wants something that has nothing to do with his brother and everything to do with Julia!

Excerpt: The Long Shot

“I'm sorry, did you say they cut the entire athletic budget?” Julia pushed her chair back from her desk and stood to face Ty Tracey, ex-jock, current jerk, her boss, and the principal of Milton High School.

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Excerpt #2: The Long Shot

Deacon slammed his hand against the glass door of the university administration building and stalked through. He made no attempt to hold the door for the idiot he called a brother. In fact, the way he felt right now, he hoped the door would hit Wes in the face. The kid desperately needed someone to knock some sense into him.

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Top Ten Eight Facts

  1. I submitted the proposal for this book about three years before I started writing it. In the proposal, the hero was named Shane. I've loved that name since I was small, and I tried desperately to get my husband to let me name one of our sons Shane, but no luck. Around the time I sent the proposal in, my son started playing hockey for a guy named Shane...Coach Shane. Coach Shane is like a god at our house. When I sat down to write the book finally, I started typing scenes and then realized I was writing a romance novel about Coach Shane. I had to make a change.

  2. My lovely friend Jeannie Watt suggested Shadrach as a Shane replacement. There are people in this world who don't even try to be helpful, you know?

  3. The pizza place in Milton is called The Pond. I lived in Latrobe, Pennsylvania until I was seven. I remember going to a restaurant there called The Pond and eating chicken in a basket. I put that reference in because I knew it would make my dad smile.

  4. My dad reads my books. My mom used to put a sticky note on the front that indicated which pages to skip so he wouldn't have to acknowledge that his daughter writes books with sex scenes. I think it's possible he read the unabridged version of The Long Shot. I'm not thinking about that and we will never discuss it.

  5. While I was writing this book, I saw a news article about Jaques Demers, a Stanley Cup winning hockey coach and general manager of the Montreal Canadiens. Demers was illiterate, and for many of the same reasons I'd written into Deacon's story. Serendipity in the form of a Sports Illustrated subscription.

  6. I don't write about people or situations from my life, but the theme of my books is often inspired by a question I've struggled to understand. One of my sons has a learning disability and following his progress through school leaves me wondering about kids who have less support and fewer resources than he does. How do they get help? What happens if they don't?

  7. My editor calls the Fallon brothers books my Dean and Sam books because we both love the TV show, Supernatural, which is about Dean and Sam Winchester. Victoria is a Sam fan, while I prefer Dean.

  8. I do not have a favorite Fallon.

Deleted Scene: The Long Shot

Deacon Fallon didn’t know exactly what happened in Alice in Wonderland, but he knew there was a hole and when you fell into it everything turned sideways and strange. He thought there was a very real possibility that sometime this morning, after his workout and before the call from the university athletic office, that he’d fallen into Alice’s godforsaken rabbit hole.

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