There's More?
(Or Interviews, Articles, Etc.)

Beta Heroes (Online Workshop)
eHarlequin's Write Stuff forum invited me to host an online workshop about Beta Heroes (non-alpha guys). The discussion is archived on their site.

Once Upon a Romance (Interview)
Fun interview about writing and life.

CataRomance (Interview)
Part of a series focusing on Superromance authors. I got a little jealous reading the "How I Spend my Day" answers.

The Good, the Bad, and the Unread (Superromance Spotlight Article)
Goofy article about why I love Superromance.

Conflict (Article)
eHarlequin's Learn to Write section includes articles written by Harlequin authors and editors. I wrote this piece about increasing the conflict in your book.

Conflict (Online Workshop)
eHarlequin's Write Stuff forum invited me to host an online workshop about conflict. The discussion is archived on their site.

Other Writers

Diana Holquist
Diana's new book, How to Tame a Modern Rogue, (August 2009) is fantastically funny. She's taken wonderfully real modern characters and juxtasposed them with a fictional historical romance novel. It's inventive, hilarious, and very sexy. The book trailers on her site are hysterical. Check them out.

Super Authors
This web site has all the latest and greatest info about Superromance authors and books.

Harlequin Books

Superromance Home Page
The official page for Superromance from Harlequin books.

Cover Cafe Article
Detailed article about Harlequin's approach to cover art. Really interesting reading!

Romance Writers of America (RWA)

Central New York Romance Writers
The Central New York Romance Writers chapter of RWA is an amazing, professional, hilarious, supportive group of writers. I'd still be scribbling stories in my black marble notebook with no idea what to do next without these writers.

RWA Official Site
RWA is a professional organization for people are who serious about pursuing a career in romantic fiction. I couldn't recommend the group higher. They do a great job at education, outreach, and professional development.

North Texas Romance Writers
Home of the Great Expectations contest!
The Great Expectations contest is really well run. If you have a story you're ready to enter on the contest circuit, the Great Expectations contest is one to consider. The feedback is thorough and meaningful. The contest is well coordinated and communication is prompt. I think you'll be pleased if you take chance and enter.