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From the Finger Lakes Anthology Story

I took a fiction class at Cornell last year to reconnect with the joy of writing without a deadline or a plan. I was thrilled to develop two very different stories that both make me really happy. Cremains of the Cat was selected for inclusion in a local anthology. It's a story about a woman who is looking for the pieces of herself after divorce. And it's pretty funny. Here is an excerpt.

New Direction

I'm taking a break from writing romance to work on a young adult novel. I've had this book in the works for several years and finally feel that the time is right to give it my focus. Thanks to everyone who reads my books. I'm loking forward to sharing this new one with you, too! Here is an exceprt.

Out of Bounds Coming September 2012!

Cover, excerpt, and deleted scene are available.

Reviews for The Long Shot are Starting to Appear!

Romantic Times gave The Long Shot a 4.5 Star review. "Hartman's tale offers a realistic depiction of character motivation and spicy sexual tension."

The reviewer from Fresh Fiction said, "I loved the characters and the plot that was entangled with deep secrets of the past. Your heart will go out to the effort Deacon has put into giving the girls self confidence in becoming achievers."

Name Change and New Stuff!

Wes Fallon's book coming in September 2012 is now called Out of Bounds. We're continuing the basketball theme. I put excerpts up from The Long Shot. See them here.

September 2012 Title!

Look for The Home Stand coming in September 2012. This is the second book in the Fallon brothers series. This book has changed at every step in the process, but I'm really happy with the way it's shaping up. I think it's got some of the funniest scenes I've written in a while.

Facebook Page and May 2012 Title!

So I finally made a Facebook page. I'm having fun if you want to join me! I'm also on Twitter and blogging regularly at the Super blog. See the links under Other Places at the right.

I have two books coming in 2012 in May and July. The first one has a title: The Long Shot. That was my working title and I love it. Not only is the romance a long shot, but I got to include an underdog girls basketball team. Lots of fun.

Workshops Available!

See the Workshops page for information about having me speak at your conference or chapter event.

Married by June Excerpt, Ten Facts, and More

The new page for Married by June has lots of information, purchase links, and behind the scenes details.

Married by June Coming in June 2011

I'm eagerly waiting for the cover, but here is a quick synopsis of my upcoming release.
Jorie Burke, a wedding planner who lost her faith in marriage, and Cooper Murphy, the Senator's son from Pennsylvania, are trapped in an engagement neither of them really wanted. They can't break up...will they be able to fall in love?

Calling the Shots Excerpt, Deleted Scene, and More

The new page for Calling the Shots has lots of information, purchase links, and behind the scenes details.

New Title

I am a hockey mom. My younger son is a Squirt this year. (The other hockey moms know what this means. Everyone else can ignore it.) I have a book coming out in October 2010 about a hockey dad and a reluctant hockey mom. I just found out the title, and I love it: Calling the Shots.

FAQ for Plan B: Boyfriend

See the not completely serious FAQ for Plan B: Boyfriend. Sample question: I heard there's a Drunken Breakdown scene in this book. How much research did you do before you wrote it?

Top Ten List for Plan B: Boyfriend

I put up a Top Ten List of Facts for Plan B: Boyfriend.

Cover and New Sales!

The cover for Plan B: Boyfriend is available! (Look to the right!) I'm also happy to share that I sold four books to Superromance this week. The first one is about a hockey dad and his daughter! I'll post details about release dates and more as I get them!

Workshop Online

In June 2009, I did an online workshop, Shopping For The Alpha/Beta Hero, with Jeannie Watt. Here's the blurb: Finding the right hero for your book isn't always the easiest thing to do. And as romance writers, we can often get tied up in the stereotypical hero. But maybe you're looking for a man with some depth. Some variation. Some quality. Maybe you're looking for a hero with a little something more. The Q&A is available at: http://community.eharlequin.com/forums/write-stuff/shopping-alphabeta-hero-ellen-hartman-jeannie-watt.

We Have a Title...Plan B: Boyfriend

The second book in the series about the McNulty brothers, JT and Charlie, will be out in December 2009. The official title is Plan B: Boyfriend. Click to read an excerpt.

Enriched Edition and Prequel for The Boyfriend's Back

The eBook edition of The Boyfriend's Back is enriched which means it includes bonus content--not available anywhere in print. (I can't decide if I should make a vitamin joke or an infomercial joke here.) The extra content includes a prequel set during Hailey and JT's high school days and a sneak peek at Charlie McNulty's story (coming in December). See a bit of the prequel here. Order the enriched eBook here.

Deleted Scene from The Boyfriend's Back

This scene didn't make the final book. It's not polished or edited, but I think it's interesting to see inside the writing process.

Sneak Peek Excerpt from The Boyfriend's Back

Here's a sneak peek excerpt from The Boyfriend's Back. Enjoy!

The Day the Romance World Stood Still Video Wins!

I helped make a book trailer for Beyond Heaving Bosoms, the upcoming book about romance novels and the smart women who love them. Our trailer won the big contest. Have to love Elizabeth Hoyt's framed photo of Colin Firth.

Wanted Man is an eBook

Wanted Man is available in the UK and on the Mills and Boon web site. The really cool part is that it's also an eBook which makes it easy for US buyers!

His Secret Past makes Dear Author's Best of 2009

His Secret Past made Dear Author reviewer Jayne's "Best of 2008" list. (Full disclosure: My mother-in-law is also named Jayne, but I'm pretty sure this is a different person.)

Coming in 2009

Look for The Boyfriend's Back and Plan B: Boyfriend coming in May and December 2009. This is the first time I've written connected stories. I hope you'll fall for brothers JT and Charlie McNulty. I'm just finishing Charlie's book now.

Interview with Once Upon a Romance

I did a fun interview about writing and life with Connie from Once Upon a Romance. It's up now.

His Secret Past meets Sexiest Man Alive

Want to see my book trailer? My friend, Diana Holquist, made it--she has a series where her book cover, The Sexiest Man Alive, talks to other book covers. Here's mine and the original. The rest of the series is on Youtube.

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