Historical Data

I've been making a living as a writer ever since I got my creative writing degree from Carnegie Mellon University and went to work for Microsoft. I spent fifteen years writing technical manuals no one ever read until I finally decided to take a shot at writing what I really love--romance.

I wrote much of my first novel in the back of a preschool classroom while I was trying to ease my younger son's separation anxiety. I had agreed to stick around for a day, maybe two. Somehow--the exact chain of events is hazy--one day turned into a full year of scribbling in a notebook on the bench in the corner. My son is now a completely independent elementary school student (phew!), and that book became my first sale to Superromance.

My husband and I are both from Scranton, Pennsylvania. We met on a blind date on New Year's Eve in a mutual love-at-first-sight moment--which would make an awesome novel, if only my husband would agree to be 'fictionalized.' We live with our sons in a college town in New York State. I'm still employed as a technical writer, working at the local university. In my spare time (HA!), I write romance, read as much as I can, and hang out with my boys.

What's Hot. What's Not.

  • Jeans not Skirts.
  • Writing not Yardwork.
  • Not Laundry and not Cooking. Also not Dusting or Vacuuming or Folding the Socks.
  • Pirates definitely not Yankees.
  • Track not Swimming. (From the circa 1984 files.)
  • Movies not TV (unless it's Supernatural).
  • M&M's not...hmm, I'm not sure there is a candy I won't eat.
  • Rock not Jazz.
  • Beta not Alpha.
  • Reading not Almost Anything Else--reading is my true love.